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9 Infertility Signs For Men And Women

Even if being a parent is not in your mind right now, you could be infertile and suffering from silent changes in your body. This could affect your sex life too. Here are the 9 signs you need to keep an eye on:

1.Heavy Periods

If you’ve noticed that your periods are heavier than usual, this could be a sign of issues related to infertility. This also could be because of various reasons like change in medication, poor nutrition, or hormonal changes. But if these factors are not involved, you must go and see your doctor soon.

2.No Periods At All

If your periods suddenly stopped altogether, you’re at a risk of many health issues due to infertility. Just be sure that your periods stopped for valid reasons, but please see a doctor in any case.

3.Irregular Dates

If you can’t keep a track of your periods, and they are extremely irregular, this could indicate that you’re not ovulating. Without ovulation, you can’t get pregnant. This could be fixed with treatments and medication.

4. Incredible Painful Periods

Pain during periods is not generally an indication of infertility. Many women suffer from cramps which makes them vomit. Abnormal vaginal bleeding, rectal pain, blood in urine and bowel movement, and pain during sex are the other factors which you need to consider before taking it as a sign of infertility.

5.You’re Gaining Weight For No Reason

You have no idea why you’re gaining so much weight. You also have higher resistance towards insulin. Despite of changing your diet and activity levels, you’re still not sure why you’re not losing weight. This could also be a sign of infertility.

6.Dramatically Decreased Sex Life

Once you enjoyed having sex, but now you have no heart in it at all. Decreased sex drive is also an indication of your infertility. You might also get extremely stressed out and depressed.

7. Hair Loss And Hair Thinning

Hair loss in men and women can happen due to several reasons. But not all of them are directly related to fertility. Hair thinning is also a sign of PCOs, and you might have to struggle to conceive.

8. Dark Hair Growing In New Places On Your Body

Unwanted hair growth on your face, or other parts of the body, is a clear indication that you’re suffering from infertility. This is also a possible sign that you’re suffering from PCOs.

9. Sudden Development Of Acne

Have you noticed changes in your skin? Onset of pimples when you’re an adult is a clear sign that your hormones are not balanced. For women, this could also be a sign of PCOs.

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