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Kenyan politician with six degrees and no job dies Kenyan politician with six degrees and no job dies Kenyan politician with six degrees and no job dies

Kenyan politician with six degrees and no job dies Featured

Dr Reuben Savai, 70, whose attempts to run for the presidency in 1997 and 2002 were thwarted by the electoral commission is dead, his son Mr Daniel Lihanda said on Sunday.

Despite securing six degrees and a diploma, the controversial politician still could not secure formal employment in Kenya.


Dr Savai, who holds six degrees from Greece and a diploma from Makerere University in Uganda, was barred from contesting for the top seat by the defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya in the 1997 and 2002 elections.

After failed attempts, the Kenya Republican Reformation Party leader’s effort to secure a formal job also hit a dead end.

Some of his academic credentials include Diploma in Theology, Law degree and two Bachelor of Education degrees, one in Arts and another in Science.

As from: Daily Monitor

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