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Eat out of town Eat out of town Eat out of town

Eat out of town

It is Sunday. You and the family wish to dine out somewhere affordable. You have toddlers in toe. Besides traditional food, you also hanker for something continental. You will be surprised how many eating places in town never open on Sundays so what about out of town? Not too many places come to mind. But, Edma Country Club situated in Kiteezi off the Gayaza Road comes to mind and is a sparkling gem of a place in the boondocks. The road was widened and fully rehabilitated allowing for easy access.
Seven years ago saw the advent of this novel establishment in Kiteezi with Edward and Mary creating a place that would appeal to people in the area of Gayaza, Kawempe, and Kyebando. Mary along with daughter Naomi, who is an ophthalmologist and much to their credit, are doing an excellent job in running the business. One of the bigger challenges of having such a place is being able to cater for the a la carte diner who drops by during the week when they are not so busy. From what I understand, you can be assured of more than just mchomo.
Sundays are predictably a buffet affair and depending on the mood of the chef, a soup for a starter could well be the case, or a salad or two before the main event. Here, matooke is a must and we have never been let down. This would be accompanied by a form of rice such as red rice, or rice and peas or stir fried. On this occasion, chef’s choice was steamed rice and always irish potatoes. These could be potato Lyonnaise or has brown or the very popular parsley potatoes. Yams, pumpkins, sweet potatoes or cassava are also a possibility.

Menu and service
In terms of sauces we had groundnut sauce with mushrooms and wonderfully tender and cooked smoked boiled beef stew along with grilled chicken parts. Vegetables comprised a medley of seasonal steamed veggies; carrots, French beans, cauliflower drizzled with butter.
The dessert was a slice of pound cake or a small fruit platter and for Shs24,000 this was entirely par for the course. All things being equal and the weather permitting, the outdoor setting is our favourite seating area and affords maximum privacy. Also a fenced play area for children. Cleanliness is paramount and the service friendly.

If you go…
The place: Edma Country Club
Rating: Not to be missed
Address: Kiteezi, off Gayaza Road
The space: Outdoors and spacious with neat lawns and an indoor restaurant
The crowd: Mostly old school
The bar: Cold beer, juice, wine, soda and mineral water
Recommended dishes: The buffet (Sunday’s and public holidays) is sumptuous and tremendous variety
The damage: The buffet is a very reasonable Shs 20,000
Sound level: Excellent
Parking: Available and secure
Daily specials: Ask the waiter
If you go: Open everyday offering an a la carte menu. Sunday buffet and a barbeque in the evening.

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